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The Monsterpedia Description states: "Alisnort are small docile creatures that spend most of the day absorbing the sun`s warmth while lying along beaches or the banks of muddy swamps. Alisnort are quite popular among young children as they are very cute and do not react when petted. At night, Alisnort move from the banks and beaches into the water. If you shine a light over known Alisnort territories at night you can spot their location by finding their bright yellow eyes on the water's surface."

Map LocationEdit

Alisnort is found in both Seed Yin and Seed Yang. It appears on the following maps:

  • Sapphire Reef 1C (Very Rare)
  • Rare Swamp A3 (Very Rare)
  • Drake Town C4 (Very Rare)
  • Sapphire Bay BL (Very Rare)
  • Headache C4 (Very Rare)
  • Coast 2B (Rare)
  • Headache C2 (Rare)
  • Snow Plains-MiddleRight (Rare)
  • Dragon Beach A3 (Rare)
  • Unseeming Swamp 2C (Rare)
  • Unseeming Swamp 1A (Rare)
  • Rare Swamp A2 (Rare)
  • Dragon Beach A2 (Rare)
  • Unseeming Swamp 1C (Rare)
  • Headache B1 (Rare)
  • Dragon Beach A4 (Rare)
  • Unseeming Swamp 3C (Rare)
  • Unseeming Swamp 1B (Rare)

Mutation LineEdit

Alisnort mutates into Crocogrowl starting at level 40, and again into Caimoaroar starting at level 56.


HP: 3 Atk: 3
Def: 6 Spd: 3
Int: 5 Stats: 10

Skill SetEdit

Alisnort learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element
Head Bash


35 Basic
Surf Slam 19 45 Water
Aqua Lunge 20 45 Water
Agile Strike 25 50 Basic

Loot ListEdit

You can obtain the following items by looting wild Alisnorts:

  • Plain Pelt (Green)
  • Spiral Horn (Blue)
  • Antler S (Blue)
  • Antler S (Silver)

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Alisnort's name is derived from the words "Alligator" and "Snort."
-Alisnort costs 15 Tokens to buy from the Token Shop.
-Alisnort was designed by PrincessPhoenix

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