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#??? Bushil (Frost)





Mutation Level:


Tame Rate:


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A truly ancient Bushil, the Frost form Bushil is a form that derived from a Blue Bushil. Despite being permanently encased in a block of ice, these Bushils can use water-based attacks without having to move.

According to historical evidence gathered from the Bushil Temple, when the Flame Bushils began to exterminate the Bushil from the island, the Blue Bushils went to Sunamist the zodiac snake for help. Sunamist granted the Blue Bushil the power of water and ice to combat the searing flames of the zodiac rat, but in turn was forever encased in a shell of ice. 

Near the end of the monster war the Frost Bushils drove the Flame Bushils off the island then retreated to the snowy lake of a land far away..

Map Location Edit

Bushil (Frost) is not found in the wild.

Breeding Edit

? Can someone add the breeding rule

Mutation Line Edit

Bushil Frost is the first and only monster in its mutation line

Stats Edit

Atk:3 Hp:12
Def:16 Spd:1
Int:8 Stats:?

Skill Set Edit

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element
Sleep Mist 1 0 Water
Mold Fling 1 5 Ancient
Squirm 5 25 Basic
Snow Ball 7 30 Water
Deep Claw 13 45 Ancient
Rusty Claw 19 50 Ancient
Hydro Disc 25 60 Water
Freezing Lance 33 75 Water
Dragon Pulse Shot 40 90 Ancient
Mysterious Shot 50 100 Ancient
Death 99 300 Water

Loot List Edit

Bushil (Frost) can't be found in the wild and thus can't be looted

Other Info/Trivia Edit

-Bushil (Frost) originates from Bushil (Blue) which is an Event Only monster

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