1. NO VANDALISM. Any obvious attempts at vandalising existing pages will not be dealt with kindly. Every movement made here is logged via IP and Username. If you think that you can come along and destroy what other people have taken their time to create, then think again. You will be blocked from editing the Wiki and, if persistent, matters will be taken further. You will be sorry.
  2. Follow Existing Formats. We are focussing on creating the monster pages at the moment. There is a guide here which explains how to do that. Do not take it upon yourself to create whole new worlds within a page. It will be deleted and you will have wasted your time. If you would like to discuss changing the format somehow, please leave a note on my talk page.
  3. No spam edits.
  4. Respect the community. A wiki is a social project, allowing anyone to edit. If you have a problem with what someone is doing, leave a note on their Talk page. Do not resort to Edit wars, as pages will be locked.
  5. Aim for accuracy. Check the information you have entered is correct.

These will be updated as appropriate.


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