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Map LocationEdit

Flawsy is found in both Seed Yin and Seed Yang. It appears on the following maps:

  • Winding Path (Seed Yin Only - Uncommon)
  • Green Despair Jungle 1A (Seed Yin Only - Common)
  • Frozen Bushil Lake (Seed Yin Only - Very Common)
  • Middle of Nowhere 2A (Seed Yin Only - Very Common)
  • Heartland ML (Seed Yin Only - Very Common)
  • Middle of Nowhere 2C (Seed Yin Only - Very Common)
  • Settlers Wild 2A (Seed Yin Only - Very Common)
  • White Summit C3 (Seed Yin Only - Very Common)
  • Middle of Nowhere 1B (Seed Yin Only - Very Common)
  • Rockies 1B (Seed Yang Only - Rare)
  • Heartland MR (Seed Yang Only - Rare)
  • The Cove 2A (Seed Yang Only - Rare)

Mutation LineEdit

Flawsy mutates into Flawepsi starting at level 33, and again into Psiantor starting at level 46.


HP: 5 Atk: 3
Def: 4 Spd: 5
Int: 3 Stats: 10

Skill SetEdit

Flawsy learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element
Double Strike 1 30 Basic
Vine Clobber 13 35 Earth
Rage Burst 22 45 Basic
Stone Barrage 25 50 Earth

Loot ListEdit

You can obtain the following items by looting wild Flawsy:

  • Spotted Pelt (Red)
  • Plain Pelt (Yellow)
  • Tri Horn

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Flawsy's name is a combination of the words "?" and "?."
-Flawsy costs 15 Tokens to buy from the Token Shop.
-Flawsy was designed by ?.

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