Description Edit

Frisoris is a rare small cactus-like monster that emerges from seed shaped eggs in the springtime. Their wings are light and fragile and so they rely on their spiky tail to keep other creatures from poking at them.

Sunlight provides them with great amounts of energy and so they love nothing more than to spend as much time as possible lounging around sunny areas. Their dislike of rainy days eventually drive them off into the drier, more sunny desert regions during the summer months.

Map Location Edit

Frisoris is not found on any map. It is an Event Only monster. Edit

Evolution Edit

Frisoris evolves into Aerifite starting at level 30.

Stats Edit

Skill Set Edit

Frisoris learns these moves naturally.

Name Level to Use Power Element
Seed Shot 1 10 Earth
Vine Clobber 5 35 Earth
Punch 10 40 Basic
Soft Tremor 15 50 Earth
Wing Slash 20 50 Air

Loot List Edit

Frisoris is not found on any map, thus can't be looted

Other Info/Trivia Edit

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