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Furin is a social and outgoing monster, known for its friendliness and interest in humans. From birth, Furin's curiosity and desire to be noticed are a hindrance to its species; many Furin find themselves in situations which they would have been better off avoiding.

Furin are ectothermic creatures that group in small schools. They are exceptionally fast swimmers, and are capable of spewing out clouds of ink from their mouths. A Furin's diet consists of most oceanic flora, such as seaweed, coral, and plankton.

Furin tend to slowly leave their groups to form pairs with their mate. Furin only seek a mate after 8 months of their life, right before they mutate into Buyaben. This time is considered special, because Furin only mate once in their lifetime; resulting in the protection of Furin mating areas. Furin are constantly forced into groups to protect themselves from other carnivorous monsters in the sea.

Living alongside hordes of its kind in the sandy beaches of Exile Island, it is a communal monster who feeds on mollusks found in the sands. Due to their inquisitive nature, Furin often venture far inland from the beach, where they are preyed upon by larger and more aggressive monsters. This explains their relative rarity.

Furin make terrific pets given their love for humans. In fact, it is Furin's fun loving and happy nature that has given rise to the popular saying "As friendly as a Furin."

Map LocationEdit

Furin is only found in Seed Yang. It appears on the following maps:

  • The Exile Island 1A (Rare)
  • The Exile Island 2C (Rare)
  • The Exile Island 3A (Rare)
  • The Exile Island 3C (Rare)

Mutation LineEdit

Furin mutates into Buyaben starting at level 22, and again into Capricornus starting at level 32.


HP: 3 Atk: 1
Def: 5 Spd: 5
Int: 6 Stats: 10

Skill SetEdit

Furin learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element


30 Basic
Gnaw 12 35 Basic
Surf Slam 24 45 Water
Hydro Disc 30 60 Water

Loot ListEdit

You can obtain the following items by looting wild Furins. However, Furins may be difficult to loot:

  • Plain Pelt (Blue)
  • Plain Pelt (White)

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Furin's name is a pun on the word "Fury."
-Currently, this monster is exclusive to Exile Island.
-Furin is one of 5 starter class water-element monsters, along with Driblet, Aquafox, Seefin and Aquaff.
-Furin costs 15 Tokens to buy from the Token Shop.
-Furin was designed by PrincessPhoenix