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Fire Basic



Mutation Level:

Does Not Mutate

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Mutates From:


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Inferlauf is the final stage form of Pyrall. It mutates from Baufire. Unlike its previous two forms, Inferlauf has a stout, muscular body resembling shepherd dogs. It still posesses the crescent moon-shaped tail, whichhas grown in size from the first two stages. It has bright colors of red, orange and blue.

Map LocationEdit

Inferlauf is not found in the wild.

Mutation LineEdit

Inferlauf mutates from Baufire starting at level 46. It is the final form of its mutation line.


HP: 9 Atk: 15
Def: 9 Spd: 9
Int: 8 Stats: 25

Skill SetEdit

Inferlauf learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element
Agile Strike


50 Basic
Inferno Breath 46 95 Fire
Reckless Charge 53 90 Basic
Leaping Kick 58 100 Basic
Fire Lance 61 120 Fire

Loot ListEdit

Inferlauf is not found in the wild, thus cannot be looted.

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Inferlauf's name is derived from the words "Inferno" and "?."
-Inferlauf is involved in the Breeding Rules for Flarese and Inferaid.
-Inferlauf was designed by Neoriceisgood

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