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Mutation Level:


Tame Rate:

Breed Only

Map Rarity:


Breeding Rule:

Type Rule #42 / Match Rule #9

Mutates From:


Mutates Into:



Pheneke is a bird-like monster with a darkish grey body with white tips on the wings and tail. The head is round with two bluish grey eyes on both sides.

Map LocationEdit

Phenke cannot be found on any map. It is a Breed only monster.


Phenke can be bred two different ways. One way is by following Type Rule #42, which states:

A Male Air/Steel Type + A Female Steel/Air Type = Phenke

The other option is by following Match Rule #9, which states:

A Male Fellguli + A Female Starija = Phenke

Male Female Result
AirSteel + SteelAir = Dpmfa075
Dpmfa111 + Dpmfa050 + Dpmfa075

Mutation LineEdit

Phenke mutates into Pinjata starting at level 30.


HP: 5 Atk: 3
Def: 3 Spd: 6
Int: 3 Stats: 10

Skill SetEdit

Phenke learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element
Beak Strike


35 Air
Iron Headbutt 8 45 Steel
Rage Burst 13 45 Basic
Wing Slash 18 50 Air
Iron Tail Whip 23 55 Steel

Loot ListEdit

Phenke is not found in the wild, thus cannot be looted.

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Phenke's name is a play on the word "?."
-Phenke is one of the two monsters in the game to have more than one Breeding Rule, having both a Type Rule and a Match Rule; the other is Solreep.
-Phenke costs 25 Tokens to buy from the Token Shop.
-Phenke was designed by PrincessPhoenix

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