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Steel Earth



Mutation Level:

Does Not Mutate

Tame Rate:


Map Rarity:


Mutates From:


Mutates Into:



Poisanpine is a steel and earth element monster that mutants from veneedle. Unlike veneedle who are often docile poisanpine are bit more aggressive and wont turn down a challenge from monsters and tamers alike with their metal-like steel bodies both posanpine and veneedle rarely get any injuries from other monsters their strong arms allow them to dig at high speeds to attack from underground wild poisanpine are recorded having young veneedle on their backs

Map LocationEdit

Poisapine is not found in the wild.

Mutation LineEdit

Poisapine mutates from Veneedle starting at level 16. It is the final form of its mutation line.


HP: 9 Atk: 5
Def: 8 Spd: 4
Int: 9 Stats: 17

Skill SetEdit

Poisapine learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element
Deep Claw


45 Basic
Dig Bomb 29 60 Earth
Berserk 37 80 Basic
Seismic Wave 50 100 Earth
Pillar Drill 58 135 Steel

Loot ListEdit

Poisapine is not found in the wild, thus cannot be looted.

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Poisapine's name is derived from the words "Poison" and "Porcupine."
-Poisapine is involved in the Breeding Rule for Grizzick.
-Poisapine was designed by Neoriceisgood

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