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Mutation Level:

Does Not Mutate

Tame Rate:

Event Only

Map Rarity:



Leap Year 2012

Mutates From:


Mutates Into:



The Monsterpedia Description states: "Rosera are the guardians of nature. Their bodies are covered with roses making it look attractive, but on the inside it is covered with prickly thorns. Many predators try to hunt it but are foiled by its sharp needles. But, under all those thorns is a sweet, kind monster who loves nature and humans. They have been known to make great companions to novice tamers. Unfortunately, because of their trust in humans and their calm demeanor, they have slowly been hunted to near extinction by poachers wanting the roses of legend on its back.

The legend goes that one day a Rosera was walking through a forest when Mother Nature appeared in front of it. She said that because of Rosera`s kindness to nature and humans, she will give it a special blessing. That blessing was one in which roses would appear on its back for every year that the monster lives. She also gave it the gift of everlasting life, so that its back would forever be covered in beautiful flowers. The flowers they say, have the power to cure any sickness and heal any wound. The roses are also the most beautiful flower in the world.

No one knows for sure if the legend is true, but many poachers still try. It has become so bad that the Rosera, once a proud, mighty race, have been forced into hiding, and only certain trusted people know their whereabouts. Even though, those trusted people can only visit them once every four years.

Map LocationEdit

Rosera is not found on any map. It is an Event Only monster.

Mutation LineEdit

Rosera is the first and only form of its mutation line.


HP: 9 Atk: 8
Def: 8 Spd: 9
Int: 7 Stats: 20

Skill SetEdit

Rosera learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element


20 Earth
Archeo Slam 5 32 Ancient
Vine Clobber 7 35 Earth
Tail Strike 10 40 Basic
Leaf Lash 17 50 Earth
3 Kick Combo 22 60 Earth
Nag Attack 29 75 Basic
Dragon Pulse Shot 36 90 Ancient
Viral Spore 55 105 Earth
Ancient Beam 66 120 Ancient

Loot ListEdit

Rosera is not found in the wild, thus cannot be looted.

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Rosera's name is derived from the word "Rose."
-Rosera costs 40 tokens to buy from the Token Shop.
-Rosera was designed by Kissamies

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